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Just Look Up:
one idea — two songs

For the next step on this musical journey, I asked Amy if she had any of her own lyrics or poetry that might be the basis for new songs. The next session, she brought in words for what would eventually become three outstanding tracks on the album: Just Look Up, Floating, and Child.

On my own, I started working on a musical idea for Just Look Up and came up with a really catchy groove, but it wasn’t quite working for Amy’s message in her Just Look Up lyrics. So I wrote some lyrics that totally fit this groove and that became the sassy attitude adjustment song, I Can’t Wait.

I then started from scratch again on Just Look Up and found my stride with music that totally supported the inspirational message of the song. Jeff Colella added the soulful piano fills that take Just Look Up to the next level.


SONG: Just Look Up
WRITERS: Amy, Randall Michael Tobin
PRODUCER: Randall Michael Tobin

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