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a musical painting

By this time, I realized there wasn’t anything Amy couldn’t do when it came to her ability to learn songs and deliver the goods. But besides being an excellent singer, more importantly, she communicated the messages of the songs in such a way as you felt she was right there with you in the room, carrying on a meaningful conversation.

Vocalessence was created to celebrate Amy’s voice and she rose to the occasion performing the more than 14 vocal parts with style and pizzazz. (I played drums, bass, and doubled the bass part with a vocal.) The style I chose required no words, just voice. If you ever found yourself singing “doo–doo-doo–doo-doo…” just for the fun of it, then you’ll be able to slip right in to the magic of Vocalessence. It’s a tune that wouldn’t be out of place in a lighthearted 60s television commercial, but one thing’s for sure, once you hear it a few times, it’s hard to get it out of your head!

When it came time to choose what music video to release first, Vocalessence was the perfect choice. The problem was, my vision for the video exceeded the capabilities of my equipment at the studio. I had to build a new system specifically to create the video. If you haven’t seen Vocalessence online yet, click here. (Leave a comment and share the video with your family and friends. They’ll thank you for introducing them to something special…)

The making of Vocalessence, the video, from the album Vocalessence by Amy - Carole King, Norah Jones, Celine Dion, Karen Carpenter

Even with the super-duper editing system, the video still took over 120 hours to shoot and produce. The end credits alone were a project all unto themselves! However, I think you’ll agree Vocalessence the video is, as Amy says near the end, “All for art… worth it!”


SONG: Vocalessence
WRITER: Randall Michael Tobin
PRODUCER: Randall Michael Tobin

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