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That’s Amore:
just like pasta fazool

Being of Italian descent, I thought it appropriate that Amy do a song celebrating her heritage. And what better song to do that than the Dean Martin classic, That’s Amore! I created an homage to the original for the introduction, but once the salsa piano starts riffing, all bets are off!

Amy takes over with a vocal that transports you to Italy and leaves you there to sing the second verse by yourself or with friends (as the Amy choir backs you up). The third verse goes another step higher and by the time the song is over, there’ll probably be a smile on your face that’s likely to remain there for a while.

Don’t blame us if you, your family, your friends spontaneously erupt into a conga line and disappear into the kitchen (for some pasta fazool, of course…).


SONG: That’s Amore
WRITERS: Jack Brooks, Harry Warren
PRODUCER: Randall Michael Tobin

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