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Born and raised in Los Angeles, Amy grew up surrounded by opportunity and big city entertainment. At the very young age of nine months she began recognizing and repeating songs that were sung to her and from that time on music became a guiding force in shaping Amy’s life.

“Formal” training began with her debut role at age six as the echoing voice of Snow White singing into the wishing well. She continued performing lead roles throughout her primary and secondary education and in church. Aside from the singing, Amy took an interest in all the other childhood activities available to her in this opportunity filled city. Acting in commercials, Ice-skating, piano, ballet, tap, jazz, gymnastics lessons and performances consumed her life. At one point it all became overwhelming and Amy chose to devote herself to the sport of ice-skating for twelve years. “The experience I had growing up in the “ice world” is one I would never trade. Skating taught me so much and made me so much of who I am. Though I had to sacrifice what I thought was the ‘normal’ way of growing up, skating gave me a great deal of confidence, responsibility, determination and endurance at a very young age. The work ethic I gained from the sport will always stay with me.” Amy also recalls all the different music she was introduced to by her coach Kathleen. She began to appreciate the art of music in an unexpected place.

At the age of 15, Amy decided to move on from the competitive aspect of ice skating to alleviate some intense pressures and to keep a steady balance in her life. She continued to pursue many other avenues: choir, student government, cheerleading, etc. “Choir became my outlet, my haven. This is where I felt most at home and myself. I was fortunate to land quite a few solos and always felt so stable and confident when I was up on that stage.” Amy soon headed off to California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, California. “I auditioned for the University choir and was told by the director that I had an exceptional singing voice. It was the first time I allowed myself to take that compliment seriously. It humbled me to hear it from someone so fastidious, so slow to give any accolades.”

After fitting in her music classes where she could and ultimately earning her degree in Speech Communication, Amy moved back to Los Angeles to study with vocal coach Bob Corff who, within six months, suggested she get in touch with Randall Tobin at Theta Sound Studio to record a demo. Randall responded immediately and he and Amy began work on what was supposed to be a three song demo showcasing Amy’s singing talents (see Day After Day for the unexpected story). “As we came to the end of the few sessions we had together, we both began to realize there was nothing stopping us from continuing to create an album.” About six months later Amy and Randall had completed twelve songs and titled the album Vocalessence. “I wanted to capture the feel of the entire album in one word. That song truly embodies the common ground between all the songs. It’s a celebration of the voice and the many different harmonies I love to make with the instrument inside of me.”

As Amy’s Debut Album is in the first stages of its release, she still plans to begin recording another in the future. “I’ve realized that there is no limit to music – that every piece you create is unique and worthy of your time. I’m getting better at the craft and am thrilled with the idea of creating something completely different from Vocalessence.”

“The place I feel most humbled and blessed is when I am using music to serve God and those who need it. I’ve always believed that if you’ve been given a talent it’s best to use it wisely for the betterment of not only your spirit, but the spirit of those around you. I hope to fulfill both the challenge and the calling the best I can.”