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Listener Reviews

Vocalessence, the album

I am so proud of Amy! Randall Michael Tobin and Amy have made magic… Everyone Enjoy!
— Bob Corff (Amy’s voice coach)

Melodic, engaging arrangements. Amy has a great voice; a joy to listen to. If you like wonderful melodies, you’re going to love this CD! Check out “Kinda Cool”; you’ll be humming it all day.
— Doug Milstead

Amy’s musicianship and gorgeous, pure voice — by turns lyrical and jazzy — and her wonderfully varied choice of old standbys and songs written especially for her, make “Vocalessence” a genuine, if hidden, jewel. Randall Tobin, who “discovered” Amy, must also be complimented on his elegant arrangements.
— Roger Mehle

Vocalessence is my way of unwinding. I find the music enchanting and uplifting … it takes me away to a happy place. The lyrics are thoughtful and thought provoking. The vocal is angelic; and the music, inspiring.
— Cheryl Trudil

Vocalessence, the video

Very entertaining, compelling music & video. Amy’s vocal work is way above par. Watched it straight through to the end——had to, couldn’t turn it off. Excellent work!
— J. Michael Dolan, co-founder Music Connection Magazine

Love it! So, so fun and catchy!
— kneewhite1

Great Listen!!!
— John B. Fleming

Love the video – esp. all the cute shoe – tapping feet!
— Sheila Zimmermann

Bravo Randall and Bravissima Amy!!!
— Charles Pitt

Wonderful!!! Soooo cool!
— Anna Lively

— MrRobbieboy74

What a great video! It makes you feel good!!! :)
— Daphna Hernandez

Awesome video! Clever concept, and talented voice! I totally saw my name in the credits! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope this takes off!
— Alison Sanders

Love it! It takes you on a journey where you can almost feel the wind in your hair!
— Sheila Jindela

Nothing beats quality talent, quality arrangement, and quality recording… It all adds up and sets the bar where it should be. Thanks for this, Randy and Amy et al….
— Art Podell

That’s awesome…
— Stephen Traxter

Great, great, great!!!!! It creates joy and cheerfulness!!!!! Bravo Amy and Randy!!!!!!
— Cristina Roveyaz

Wonderful! Love the song. Love the video. Love the tapping toes. What fun! Well done!! Everyone should see and enjoy this!!
— Hallie Neill

Fun and a really nice voice!
— Ed Bryan

Very cool. If the video were a book I would say “I couldn’t put it down.”
— Stu Feldman

I love the album, (I surprised you by playing one of the songs at my wedding), and I love the video. It and you are wonderful. Your voice is so beautiful. I want more!! More music by Amy!!! please…
— Jennifer Roberson

Love it!
— Christine Morrison

SMOOTH… Took me back to the “joyful noise” of The Swingle Singers. I do love smooth.
— Chele Welsh

Definitely doesn’t need lyrics! :)
— Jade Burch

That was tricked out! So catchy and such great energy in such a dynamic tune with a great bass line! Those were super cute outfits too!
— wolfjohn1

Is that cousin Itt?
— Jim Meskimen

Very Catchy
— Frank Bond

Super cute Amy!! Wow, such a cool creation! Congrats!
— DomesticGoddessVids

Wow, Fantastic, the video production and vocal are incredible. How did she learn so many languages?
— Gregory Saunders

Wow! Great vocals. Great video. Love it!!
— Neal Fox

What an awesome production! I love when the circles start around 1:37.
— Marty Buttwinick

This gal is sooo talented! Tight harmonies…great arrangement! Collaboration w/Randall Michael Tobin clearly worked well! Can hear this on Glee!
— Anoush NeVart

Genius! What a voice, what direction! Made me smile.
— TheGrea8t